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SpeakEmoji App Converts Speech to Emoji (Video)

by Joseph


Words: What were they? Whatever they were, they couldn’t have hoped to compete with the almighty emoji in terms of pure communicative power, which is why an app like SpeakEmoji had to come around sooner or later.

SpeakEmoji is an app that converts certain words into their corresponding emojis, which could in theory allow emoji-ignorant adults to finally communicate effectively with their emoji-damaged children. In fact, it’s this theory that would appear to be the major primary selling point behind the app, as evidenced by the very strange promotional video for it that recently hit the internet.

You can see that video below, which manages to demonstrate how SpeakEmoji works while simultaneously being pretty entertaining on its own merits, which might mean that you’ll want to give it a watch even if you don’t have any problems communicating with teens through pictographic symbols. And you can get more info on the app, plus try it out for yourself, at its official site here.

Here’s the video:

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