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Sparrows Uncuff Links Have Built-In Handcuff Key

by Joseph
Sparrows Uncuff Links

Sparrows Uncuff Links

I like writing about products that allow me to engage in a little light fiction-spinning, so there was really never any question that a product like Sparrows Uncuff Links were going to be featured on this site. That’s because these are cuff links that come with a built-in handcuff key.

So, imagine: You’re at a formal function on an undercover mission for a secret government agency. Someone working for the enemy poisons your champagne and you wake up in a dark basement, hands cuffed behind your back. You were searched for weapons while you were unconscious as a matter of procedure, but they didn’t even notice your cuff links, which, if you have a pair of Sparrows Uncuff Links, will also be your ticket out of the basement and into a good third act, maybe in an abandoned factory or something.

You can get a pair of Sparrows Uncuff Links at the Sparrows online store here, which also has a lot more cool, lock-picking stuff seemingly designed for super spies.

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