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‘Sparrow Market’ Art Installation is a Make-Believe Grocery Store

by Joseph
Sparrow Market

Sparrow Market

I couldn’t even speculate on why this is is, but I’ve always had a thing for small, pretend grocery stores. When I was a kid there was a children’s museum that had one, and I even like walking into those pet supermarkets that are like grocery stores for pet food and other supplies. So I really wish I was going to be in Los Angeles sometime this month, because the art installation Sparrow Market is right up that extremely specific alley.

Sparrow Market is the work of artist Lucy Sparrow, who made 31,000 groceries by hand out of felt. And yes — they are on sale, with prices reportedly ranging from five bucks to $73.

Visitors to Sparrow Market should still come hungry, though, since The Standard has whipped up a special menu that puts real food items on the plate next to their felt facsimiles. Read more about the installation, which is currently on display at The Standard until August 31st, right here.

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