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Sparky Fire Starter Works in Windy or Damp Surroundings

by Joseph


Fires are wishy-washy things, that can go from starting accidentally when conditions are dry and hot to barely being able to exist at all when it’s damp or windy. Now, inventor Bobby Davis has come up with a way to start fires even in the aforementioned damp and windy conditions, and it’s called Sparky.

Calling a fire starter “Sparky” makes me think of Clark Griswold accidentally burning down an RV park or something, but this is a device for starting fires on purpose, by touching its negative and positively-charged terminals to the included piece of steel wool (or any bit of paper, including a gum wrapper).

It’s a handy piece of survivalist/emergency preparedness equipment, and for the next two and a half weeks you can pre-order Sparky starting at $30 at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here. Shipments are expected to begin in February of next year, so try not to get stranded out in any snowstorms before then.

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