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Spa Car: Inventor Colin Furze Made a Driveable Hot Tub

by Joseph
Spa Car

Spa Car

YouTube inventor Colin Furze (that’s an inventor who puts his inventions on YouTube, not a guy who invented YouTube) has been called a “mad scientist” by the media, but hopefully he will never decide to use his abilities for evil. I say that because anybody who can turn a BMW E30 into an honest-to-God drivable hot tub needs to be on the side of humanity. He calls his invention a Spa Car.

The Furze Spa Car was sponsored by Google, which provided the resources necessary for Furze to waterproof and seal off the car’s on-board electronics. Then there was filling the car with water, which couldn’t have been easy, and installing the re-purposed leaf blowers to provide bubbles, as well as the barbecue grill in the back. But none of that would seem to have been as great a challenge as actually getting behind the wheel and driving this thing, as you can see below:

Check out more from where the Spa Car came from at Colin Furze’s YouTube channel here.

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