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Soylent: Modular Nutritional Drinks and Powders

by Joseph


The young entrepreneurs of today are sometimes accused of not understanding anything about history or the world, just bounding through market tests and focus groups without any regard for good taste and decorum. I bring it up because there’s now a line of “modular” nutritional protein drinks and powders that goes by the fully-loaded brand name of Soylent.

In case you’re not familiar with the 1973 science fiction film Soylent Green, let me clue you in on why naming your nutritional product “Soylent” is a bad idea: In the movie, the beloved nutritional block known as Soylent Green, which is fed to an unwitting populace, is actually made out of recycled corpses.

Luckily (and hopefully), Soylent is not actually made from dead people, instead composed of a “modular ingredient design” in which “each ingredient plays a specific role in whole-body nutrition” – ingredients like soy protein for digestion, algal oil for energy, and various vitamins and minerals.

You can see more about Soylent at the product’s official site right here.

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