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Soverin: New Privacy-Oriented Email Service

by Joseph


Gmail is the default go-to email client of choice these days, but it places a very low premium on privacy, as evidenced by the weirdly specific advertisements you’ll see online that seem to be inspired by your supposedly private emails. But there’s a new game in town, for people who want their emails to be private first and foremost, and it’s called Soverin.

Soverin seeks to provide an alternative to ostensibly “free” email services like Gmail, by guaranteeing that they don’t read any of your incoming or outgoing messages. Users also get their own personalized domain name as well, as in “[email protected]” as opposed to “[email protected]

A Soverin email address costs about $32 a year, with the company promising more privacy-oriented online services to come. You can get some more information over at Soverin’s official site right here, where you can acquire your new private email address and domain right now.

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