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Sound Heroes: Super Hero Bluetooth Speakers from Kalium Labs

by Joseph
Sound Heroes

Sound Heroes

Even in the best of cases, a typical speaker tends toward functionality over visuals – the most you can usually hope for is something that won’t clash with your decor or distract the eye while you’re listening to it. Kalium Labs have developed a set of speakers that are supposed to attract the eye, though: They’re called Sound Heroes, and AD’OM Prime and AD’OM Premium are superheroes poised to rescue you from boring speakers.

Continuing the superhero metaphor, AD’OM Premium is the big guy, while AD’OM Prime is the smaller sidekick. Premium comes with a subwoofer and a built-in smoke machine, standing a heroic 28.3 inches tall, while Prime is just 17.7 smokeless inches. Both boast cool polygonal visual designs, and given the superhero fever currently striking Hollywood I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they get origin stories and feature films.

For now, check out AD’OMs Prime and Premium at the Sound Heroes IndieGoGo listing here, where prices start at $240 and up.

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