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Sosu Srirachup: Sriracha and Ketchup

by Joseph
Sosu Srirachup

Sosu Srirachup

Two worlds of condiments intersect in a new sauce from Sosu. It’s the most popular condiment in the world, ketchup, combined with the new, hip condiment on the block, Sriracha.

Sosu is the maker of the original Sriracha, so there were no legal issues involved in coming up with the name of this blend: Srirachup. It’s billed as containing “sweet & spicy organic ketchup with a kick of our spicy Sriracha.” Judging by that description, I imagine this being ¬†pretty tasty ketchup, provided you like Sriracha. I’d have to do a taste test to see how it compares with the spicy ketchup at Whataburger, though.

If you’d like to arrange a taste test of your own, you can buy a jar of Sosu Srirachup at Sosu’s own online store here. You can also get some more information on Sosu’s other sauces, plus recipes and other little sauce-related tidbits.

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