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‘Sorayama’: Artist’s Trademark “Sexy Robots” Become Celebrities

by Joseph


If you’re not familiar with the name Hajime Sorayama, here’s a quick primer: He’s an artist who specializes in “Sexy Robots” (he’s the guy who did the cover of that one Aerosmith album, just as a for-instance). And now, a new exhibition entitled simply Sorayama is coming to the Jacob Lewis Gallery in New York City.

Sorayama will feature various celebrities, both male and female, reimagined as hyperrealistic robots. These include Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, Elvis, and many more, all with futuristic shiny metal exteriors that would make Marc Bolan blush.

The Sorayama exhibit starts tomorrow and runs through December 17th, but since this is the future and all, you don’t have to actually be in New York to see (some of) the work that will appear in the exhibition—you can also check out some of Hajime Sorayama’s new famous Sexy Robots at the artist’s official online portfolio right here.

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