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Sony Rolls Out PlayStation TV in North America

by Joseph
Playstation TV

Playstation TV

While Japanese users have had access to PlayStation TV since November of 2013, only recently has Sony announced a wider release for the microconsole. It’s essentially a non-portable version of Sony’s PlayStation Vita, but with a feature that some are saying constitutes a killer app.  It’s called Remote Play, and it will let you stream games (and other content, like Netflix) from your PlayStation 4 to another TV in your house.

Earlier versions of the PlayStation will also be supported through various channels by the PlayStation TV, which is designed as an add-on for people who already bought the PS4 but have more than one TV. It connects to your screen via HDMI cable and works with two DualShock 3 or 4 controllers. And, uh, it also plays Vita games, if that is of interest to you.

The Sony PlayStation TV isn’t scheduled to hit shelves until late 2014, but you can place your pre-order now from Amazon here, where it’s priced at just a little under $100.

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