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Sony LED Speaker Bulb Hits Japan

by Joseph
Sony LED Speaker Bulb

Sony LED Speaker Bulb

In case you weren’t already jealous of people who live in Japan, they now have access to light bulbs that are also speakers, thanks to Sony. It’s the Sony LED Speaker Bulb, which could also be described as a speaker that’s also a light bulb, if you prefer.

The Sony LED Speaker Bulb isn’t the first or the only light bulb that features a Bluetooth speaker, but it does sport a new design that emphasizes mood lighting and both volume and brightness control via smartphone. The possibilities of syncing up music with adjustable lighting should be obvious, and these bulbs have the added advantage of being compatible with virtually any light socket.

Unfortunately if listening to music while being in a well-lit environment is what you’ve been waiting for, the Sony LED Speaker Bulb is available only in Japan for now. But if it’s a big hit over there, it may be hitting additional markets in the near future – stay tuned to Sony’s official site here for more info.


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