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Sony Huis Remote Control for Practically Everything (Video)

by Joseph
Sony Huis

Sony Huis

You’ve heard of a “universal remote,” but how universal is it, really? Sony is working on upping that figure considerably with their new Sony Huis, a remote control designed to control practically everything in your house, provided it’s infrared, WiFi or Bluetooth compatible.

One of the coolest things about the Sony Huis is its completely customizable button layout, made possible through electronic ink. That gives this remote control an unparalleled level of customization, and it’s paired with the remote’s smart learning functions to create the Batmobile of remote controls.

Unsurprisingly, the Sony Huis remote control seems only to be available for pre-order in Japan, but the mere fact that they’ve successfully developed it is worth noting, and hopefully a wider release for it or something like it isn’t too far off in the future. For now, you can brush up on your Japanese by checking out the Huis’ official site here, or take a look at a demonstration video below.




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