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Sony Glass Sound Speaker is Built Into an LED Lantern

by Joseph
Sony Glass Sound Speaker

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

The people at Sony’s Life Space UX product development arm (which came out with that cool light bulb/speaker a while ago) have now unveiled another combination of audio and light with the Sony Glass Sound Speaker, a completely wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s built into a soft-glowing LED lantern.

The Sony Glass Sound Speaker was first unveiled under the name “Symphonic Light,” but whatever you call it it’s a cut above the usual portable Bluetooth audio job. For one, its glass cylinder isn’t just for show, instead allowing the speaker to capture aural frequencies much closer to that of a real human voice, which allows it to capture vocal performances in music with much more fidelity and quality.

Right now, more information on the Sony Glass Sound Speaker appears to originate from Sony’s official Japanese site, but you can read more details on the product at The Verge here. And to buy in the near future you’ll have to head to the Museum of Modern Art Design Store in New York, where the speaker will be available to purchase for just under $800 starting next month.

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