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Sondors Electric Bike: A More Affordable eBike

by Joseph
sandors electric bike

sondors electric bike

Electric bikes can save you a lot of money on stuff like gasoline and car maintenance by making them both unnecessary while also performing tasks that a regular bicycle can’t really do – or a human rider of a regular bicycle can’t really do, anyway. But they can also get quite expensive, which is why the Sondors Electric Bike‘s billing as the “most affordable eBike. Ever” is an exciting one.

The Sondors Electric Bike is engineered to handle almost any possible terrain or riding conditions with its 350-watt brushless motor, all-terrain tires, and sturdy construction, available in upgraded aluminum. And in its initial crowdfunding phase, it’s available for an early bird price of $499.

That might not seem as cheap as its billing would suggest, but on a performance level it’s significantly cheaper than other comparable eBikes. For more info or to place you pre-order now, just head over to the Sondors Electric Bike’s Kickstarter page right here.

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