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Somabar: A Robotic Bartender for Home Use

by Joseph


In almost every vision of a future that doesn’t involve most of humanity dying in an apocalyptic disaster, we’re all being waited on hand and foot by robots. For the most part, The Jetsons hasn’t come true, but Somabar is definitely a step in the right direction.

Billed by its makers as a “robotic bartender for your home,” Somabar lets users order up a wide variety of cocktails using the companion smartphone app. The drink is mixed using ingredients housed in dishwasher-friendly “pods,” and you have a perfectly-proportioned cocktail with very little chance of human error.

Somabar is currently in its fundraising stage on Kickstarter, but an overflow of support has led to it more than tripling its original fundraising goal of $50,000 with almost two weeks left to go. But you can still head over to the product’s Kickstarter here for more information and to grab one for the introductory price of just under $400.

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