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Soma: Next-Generation Water Filtration

by Joseph
Soma Water Filter

Soma Water Filter

Like everything else in life, there are good and bad water filtration systems. If Soma is half as good as it’s claimed to be, it leaves most other water filters in the dust (so to speak).

One of the things that distinguishes Soma the most is that it’s not a one-time purchase that can get dirty and break down over time. Instead, it’s sold on a subscription model that lets you purchase up to 24 months worth of Soma filters that are delivered to your house every two months. And each Soma filter takes an organic approach to water filtration, constructed from coconut shell and other biodegradable materials. And watch out, glass fans: The Soma carafe is all glass, no plastic.

To learn a lot more about Soma water filters, as well as to purchase your own ticket to clean water paradise, you can head to the official Soma website right here.

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