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SolSource Grill: BBQ With The Power Of The Sun

by Joseph
SolSource Grill

SolSource Grill

You’re at a BBQ, in front of your prized grill, and you realize that you’re getting blasted by two different sources of heat: Your grill, and the sun. Seems like a waste of resources somehow, doesn’t it?

The makers of the SolSource must have had a similar thought, because they have designed a grill that works using only the power of the sun. It’s clean, environmentally friendly, and it heats up quick enough and hot enough to cook a hamburger in six minutes. Impressive!

It works by pointing it in the direction of the sun, and waiting for it to heat up—no fuel required.

You can see how it all works at the SolSource’s Kickstarter page here. They’re almost to their fundraising goal, but they could still use some more support.

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