Home Tech & Gear Solitaire Vision: A Watch Safe from Buben & Zorweg (Video)

Solitaire Vision: A Watch Safe from Buben & Zorweg (Video)

by Joseph
Solitaire Vision

Solitaire Vision

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but in the past I have been at a loss at how to display my deluxe watch collection, often resorting to wearing all of them on my forearms and calves at the same time. Thankfully, those humiliations are now over, thanks to the Solitaire Vision, a new watch safe from Buben & Zorweg.

The Solitaire Vision has space for up to 46 watches to be not just stored in absolute security (and behind bulletproof glass) but displayed in absolute handsomeness as well. It also comes with a built-in bar, humidor for cigar storage, LED light and tracking, and a built in sound system, but honestly at that point it kind of just seems like it’s showing off.

You can see the Buben & Zorweg Solitaire Vision continue to show off in the video below. And for more info on this watch safe to end all watch safes, check it out at the official B&Z website right here.

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