Home Tech & Gear Solartab C: “The World’s Quickest Solar Charger”

Solartab C: “The World’s Quickest Solar Charger”

by Joseph
Solartab C

Solartab C

Solar energy: It may be on the verge of losing all its government funding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in it a little yourself. And with Solartab C, you don’t even have to sacrifice charging speed for the power of the sun, since it’s billed as “the world’s quickest solar charger.”

Solartab C gives users an all-inclusive package for harnessing the sun’s rays in their electronic devices, including a “6.5W solar panel, 9,000 mAh battery, USB-C and dual USB ports and a built in cover and stand.” In addition to being faster than other solar chargers, it’s also lightweight, mobile, and waterproof.

For a lot more information on Solartab C, head over to the product’s IndieGoGo listing right here. While you’re there, if you’re so inclined you can also pre-order your own solar charger starting at $69, a nice price considering all that totally free power you’ll be getting from the sky.

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