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Sol Republic Relays: Earbuds That “Keep Up With You” (Video)

by Joseph
Sol Republic Relays

Sol Republic Relays

It’s true that earbuds have a lot of advantages, but most of them tend to pop out of your ears with the slightest provocation. And for whatever reason, that tends to be a lot more irritating even than you would think, which is why the new earbuds from Sol Republic might be what you’ve been waiting for.

They’re called Relays, and they’re designed to fit what’s usually referred to as an “active lifestyle.” That’s good because even if you don’t have a particularly active lifestyle, it’s almost certain that you’ve experienced earbuds popping out on your ear. So if the Relays work like they’re supposed to, they might make a good purchase for anyone who uses earbuds regularly.

For more information on Sol Republic Relays, you can check them out at the Sol Republic website right here. And there’s also a new commercial for the earbuds, which is available for your viewing pleasure below:



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