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Soiled Garments Laundry Bag: The Hamper Gone to Sea

by Joseph
Soiled Garments Laundry Bag

Soiled Garments Laundry Bag

One thing you never see sailors in old movies doing: Scrambling around for an old dirty clothes hamper. That’s because in a fit of military efficiency, they developed the laundry bag, sturdy and perfect for hauling large amounts of dirty whites and neckerchiefs, and whatever else sailors wear. Now, a Soiled Garments Laundry Bag inspired by the US Navy is available from the Cool Material Shop.

The Soiled Garments Laundry Bag is a triumph of simple, effective engineering, constructed from sturdy canvas and with a heavy rope that ties it closed. There’s also a shoulder strap for hauling your laundry across the bridge or to your laundry room. ¬†And if you’re an imaginative, fanciful sort of person you might pretend to be Ishmael from Moby-Dick or something while you’re doing your laundry.

If you’re ready to replace your old laundry hamper with something a little more nautical, the Soiled Garments Laundry Bag can be had for a little over $40 at the Cool Material online store here.

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