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SoilCam: Special Camera Shows What’s Done in the Dirt (Video)

by Joseph


Dirt: What’s it hiding? Inventor Josh Williams has come up with a way to find out for sure, by photographing all the crazy photosynthetic processes that happen while we’re busy not literally watching grass grow. It’s called SoilCam, and the images it’s been able to capture are surprisingly compelling.

SoilCam is a homemade rig controlled via Raspberry Pi that basically works like this: You build it, stick it in some dirt, and watch what happens. Even if you don’t have much of an interest in plant life or botany, it’s pretty fascinating to watch, especially at high timelapse speeds that make processes that take hours or days go by in a flash.

It’s probably the most natural way to achieve stop-motion animation effects that exists, and you can see it all go down by watching the SoilCam demonstration video below. If you want a whole bunch more SoilCam videos to spice up your weekend, check out Josh Williams on YouTube here.

Here’s the video:

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