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SOG Baton Pen-Shaped Multitools

by Joseph
SOG Baton

SOG Baton

New from SOG is a line of four different pen-shaped multitools, each one designed for a specific range of associated purposes (and only one of which can actually be used as a pen).

It’s the SOG Baton, and here’s how the four multitools shake out:

  • Baton Q1 (pictured above): Ballpoint pen, bottle opener, flat screwdrivers, spring-assisted scissors.

  • Baton Q2: Straight blade, bottle opener, medium flat screwdriver, LED flashlight.

  • Baton Q3: Awl, straight blade, openers, chisel, file, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutter.

  • Baton Q4: Pliers, cutters, straight blade, gripper, openers, screwdrivers, hex bit driver.

Which SOG Baton you choose to carry around every day depends on which tasks you’re most likely to encounter, but you can check out all four of the tools as well as more cool stuff at the SOG online store here, where the Baton line starts at about $54 and up, depending on which you spring for. But all of them come in durable anodized metal and are engineered for maximum portability and convenience.

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