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Softub: A New Kind of Hot Tub

by Joseph


There’s a very real reason why hot tubs are often used as a shorthand symbol for decadence and affluence – they are expensive as hell, and require a complicated installation process that also happens to be expensive. Not so with Softub – a new kind of hot tub that was designed decades ago but is now gaining traction on the internet.

Unlike a normal hot tub, each Softub is made from polybond foam and Leather Tex marine grade vinyl that makes it lightweight enough to roll across the floor before you fill it up with water. But its relatively light weight doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice in any other areas, since it keeps the water just as hot and bubbly as a regular hot tub does – and it costs about 50 percent less, on average.

A Softub in your backyard will still cost you a cool $3,600, at least, but you can get more information on them at the product’s official site here.

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