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Soft Ass Rappers: Pillows for Rap Fans

by Joseph
Soft Ass Rappers

Soft Ass Rappers

You love rappers, but do you go to sleep with one every night? Putting aside the obvious innuendo there, designer Caleb Thomas has come up with a new line of pillows bearing the images of some of the biggest names in rap. The collection is called, obviously, Soft Ass Rappers.

Kanye West, Drake, A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane, and for some reason Frank Ocean are all spotlighted in the first wave of Soft Ass Rappers, looking softer than they ever have before – hilariously, Drake even has actual tears running down his face, a perfect match for those tear-stained pillows familiar to true Drake fans.

Soft Ass Rappers are a big hit so far, currently sold out even at 75 bucks a pop at the Colette online store here. But you can sign up to be notified when they arrive back in stock, so hopefully you won’t have to go to bed too much longer without your own Soft Ass Rapper of choice.

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