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SoFi – “The Soft Robotic Fish” from MIT (Video)

by Joseph


We all know that robotic fish tend to be rigid, inflexible beasts that reflect their robot heritage. But the folks at MIT have come up with a new kind of robotic fish that can blend in with all manner of sea life, allowing for new possibilities of exploration for intrepid users out there. It’s called SoFi, for, and I’m not joking here, “SOft FIsh.”

SoFi, which could also be the name of Aquaman’s funny robotic fish friend in the upcoming feature film, is controlled via ultrasonic signal from a handheld remote control device that can be used underwater. But why waste words when you can just see this friendly robot fish in action in the video below:

SoFi doesn’t appear to be for sale as of right now, but if you want to learn a lot more about it you can head over to MIT’s official site for the project right here.

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