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Sodastream Mix: Add Carbonation to Any Beverage

by Joseph
Sodastream Mix

Sodastream Mix

Everybody loves bubbles, but they become even more appealing when they can be mixed with the beverage components of your choice. That’s the idea behind the Sodastream Mix, a very cool gadget that you can add to your home bar and that can be controlled via smartphone.

The Sodastream Mix can carbonate just about anything you can drink, with an attractive and stylish user interface that will dazzle guests even before they get their first real taste. You can also use the Mix app to create your own custom recipes, or use the preset ones as a kind of primer course in the art of carbonation-izing.

The one obvious downside of the Sodastream Mix is that you can’t get one right away, as release details are still to come. But you can get a lot more information on the machine and what it can do at the official Sodastream Mix site right here.

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