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‘Social Decay’: Artist Imagines a Post-Social Media World (Pics)

by Joseph
Social Decay

What happens to a social media network after its time in the sun has passed? In the real world, it usually just soldiers on with fewer users before dying out completely, or finding some new niche like Myspace. But artist Andrei Lacatusu imagines what it would look like if social media institutions like Facebook or Instagram dried out and crumbled the way old businesses in the physical world do, for a new series called Social Decay. 

If Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, and so on were akin to old abandoned movie theaters, physically existent but sliding to the grave, they might look like they do in Social Decay. The series also makes me imagine a world in which such companies create physical spaces that tie into their services somehow, which might not actually be too far off.

Check out some of Social Decay in the gallery below, and the rest of the series right here.


Social DecaySocial DecaySocial Decay


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