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The Snow Wolf: A Wheeled Snow Shovel

by Joseph
Snow Wolf
Snow WolfSnow WolfSnow WolfSnow Wolf

Shoveling snow will probably never be fun, unless they finally come out with a laser-powered snow shovel. But the Snow Wolf at least makes it a lot easier, thanks to its novel introduction of a wheel to the basic snow shovel design. And the addition of handlebars for the easiest-possible use is a clever addition as well.

The Snow Wolf’s wheel allows you to shovel way more snow in way less time than you’re used to . It’s even claimed to be more efficient than a snow blower, and of course it’s a lot quieter. Stress on your lower back is also greatly diminished – the only question is why it’s taken this long for a wheeled snow shovel to be available.

To purchase a Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovel, head to Amazon here where it’s currently priced at just under $140. And you can see a few pictures of the Snow Wolf in action in the gallery above.

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