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Snow Peak Silicone Glasses (Photos)

by Joseph
Snow Peak Silicone Glasses

Glasses made out of traditional glass are great – they look good, and they even sound and feel good if you’re mindful enough to appreciate such things. But at one point or another, we all get sick of having glasses that can break just if somebody sings too loud.  If you’re past this point, you might want to consider the new line of Snow Peak Silicone Glasses available now.

The Snow Peak Silicone Glasses are effectively indestructible, made as they are from food-grade silicone that also makes them flexible and easy to wash (but not, alas, in your dishwasher). They come in a variety of different varieties – rocks glass, stemless wine glass, and a highball glass.

You can see the Snow Peak Silicone Glasses in the gallery below. And to buy, or to check out some of Snow Peak’s other products, head over to the Snow Peak online store right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Snow Peak Silicone GlassesSnow Peak Silicone GlassesSnow Peak Silicone Glasses

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