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Snoped: A Snowmobile Crossed With a Moped (Video)

by Joseph


If Hollywood ever commits the sin of remaking On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, they could do worse than include a chase scene featuring the Snoped (rhymes with “low-fed,” not as in the past tense of “snope”), a cool new design from designer Joey Ruiter and built by Jeff Long.

The Snoped is sleeker and sexier than any vehicle designed to speed through the snow has any right to be, and it boasts a 90cc motor under the hood to zip it along. There’s also a Chrysler sno-runner track to help out in that department, along with its lightweight construction that will keep it up above the drifts like it’s supposed to be.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the Snoped is just a one-off design project at this point, but you can get a little bit more information in the video below, and keep your eyes on the official JRuiter site here for more details.

Here’s the video:

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