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SNKRS: Nike Releases Own Sneaker App

by Joseph


Sneaker brand adidas recently broke some new ground with the release of Confirmed, their sneaker reservation app designed to simplify the process of grabbing a hotly anticipated pair of kicks. Now, Nike is moving in on that ground with the new SNKRS app.

The Nike SNKRS app gives users “a complete sneaker shopping experience,” from detailed info on individual sneakers and product lines, notifications on when certain sneakers are ready to buy, and even the ability to buy Nike sneakers right there on the app (which puts it a notch above Confirmed, which only lets users reserve sneakers, not buy them).

Best of all for sneakerheads nationwide, Nike’s SNKRS app is online all over the country, not just in New York City. It’s quite possibly going to be an essential part of buying sneakers from Nike from now on, and you can get on board at Nike’s official site for the app here, where it’s also totally free.

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