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Sneerwell Biker Culture Inspired Flasks

by Joseph


A well-stocked hip flask is now an essential accessory for coping with the modern world, but back in the day it was a sign that you were, maybe, possibly, a member of a motorcycle gang. It’s those golden old days that serve as the inspiration for the flasks put out by Sneerwell, a small husband-and-wife-run brand out of Denver.

Sneerwell flasks are rounder and more bulbous than a traditional flask, but their real selling point are the unique illustrations and finishes that adorn each one. They’re all etched and finished by hand, with graphics including those old biker standbys like the skull, the octopus, the coffin, and other devilish looks.

A Sneerwell flash will set you back at least $65 at the brand’s official site right here, so be sure to choose wisely, and much like a motorcycle you’ll need to take a lot of pride and care in its upkeep and maintenance.

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