Home Style ‘Sneakerheadz’ Documentary About the Sneaker Life Gets Trailer (Video)

‘Sneakerheadz’ Documentary About the Sneaker Life Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Sneakerheadz Trailer

Sneakerheadz Trailer

The sneakerhead subculture is absolutely perfect for the documentary format – you’ve got a wide and diverse range of characters who are obsessed with something the rest of the world just sort of shrugs about, they spend a lot of money on that obsession, and there are a lot of celebrities among their ranks. And the latest one is Sneakerheadz, premiering at this year’s South by Southwest film festival – and you can see a trailer for it right now.

Sneakerheadz includes interviews with Mike Epps and Carmelo Anthony, but the real appeal of the documentary (at least judging from the trailer) is seeing people of all stripes sharing their genuine passion (or maybe that should say “hoarding disorder”) with the audience, which is always a fascinating thing.

You can watch the trailer for Sneakerheadz below. And if you’re not currently braving the South by Southwest crowds in Austin, you can get some more information on the documentary at the movie’s official site here.

Here’s the trailer:

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