Home Entertainment ‘Snapped: Notorious Tupac Shakur’ Documentary Trailer (Video)

‘Snapped: Notorious Tupac Shakur’ Documentary Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Snapped: Notorious Tupac Shakur

Snapped: Notorious Tupac Shakur

First Biggie gets an A&E documentary, then Tupac follows close behind with a documentary of his own on Oxygen – I’d suggest this as an either less or more likely pairing of documentary subject and cable channel, but I honestly don’t know how Oxygen’s programming slate compares to A&E – and this documentary is specifically focused on the last days of Pac’s life and his still unsolved murder. It’s called Snapped: Notorious Tupac Shakur.

Snapped: Notorious Tupac Shakur will dive deeper into Tupac’s murder through reenactments of the Vegas drive-by shooting that claimed his life, as well as his final hours in a hospital bed, through which the theory that he knew, or at least believed he knew, the identity of his murderer will be explored.

Take a look at the evidently un-embeddable trailer for Snapped: Notorious Tupac Shakur at TMZ’s right here, and keep an eye on Oxygen on the evening of September 10th, when the documentary hits Oxygen at 6 PM EST.

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