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Snapbots: Yellow Snapchat Spectacle Vending Machines (Video)

by Joseph


If you see a new, yellow vending machine-like device in your hometown, do not approach in search of snacks or soda. That’s because it’s probably one of the Snapbots, a new whimsical vending machine from Snapchat that also happens to be the only way you can buy Snapchat Spectacles (for the moment).

Snapbots are mobile, and according to Snapchat they “never seem to stay in one location for too long.” You can tell from that alone that this is a pretty unusual way to roll out an anticipated piece of hardware, but Spectacles have been unusual, somewhat experimental venture from the beginning.

So if you want your own $129 pair of Snapchat Spectacles, keep your eyes peeled for any Snapbots that might pop up in your neighborhood any day now. Or you can use the Snapchat site’s “Find A Bot” feature here to see if there’s one near you already. Finally, you can acquaint yourself with the process further by taking a look at the Snapbot video below.

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