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“Snakeskin” Hi Sneaker From Giuseppe Zanotti

by Joseph

Snakeskin Hi Sneaker

Designer Giuseppe Zanotti is most well-known for his women’s footwear, but his latest piece is a high-top sneaker that almost anybody could wear (unless they have an aversion to wearing snakeskin).

It’s the “Snakeskin” Hi Sneaker, so named for its premium snakeskin upper, in observance of 2013’s status as the Chinese “Year of the Snake.” The shoe is also outfitted with multiple zippers, a rubber outsole, and black and white rubber highlights on the heel and tongue.

A pair of these “Snakeskin” sneakers can be yours by going here and plunking down $650. Not the cheapest way to celebrate the Year of the Snake, but you could definitely do worse.

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