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Snake Venom: The Strongest Beer in the World

by Joseph
Snake Venom

Snake Venom

If you’re a beer drinker whose looking to inject some thrills into your life, you’re going to have a hell of a time saying no to Snake Venom from Brewmeister.

Snake Venom doesn’t just have an intimidating name.  It also boasts a 67% ABV, which makes it the strongest beer you can get on this planet, beating out last year’s champion, also from Brewmeister. In fact, it’s so dense with alcohol that some are speculating as to whether it’s really a beer at all, and wouldn’t be more accurately labeled as actual liquor.

Whatever your opinion, you probably already know if you have to try Brewmeister Snake Venom or not. If you do, you can buy some from online retailers like this one.

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