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“Smile to Pay” Technology Unveiled by KFC China (Video)

by Joseph
KFC China Smile to Pay

KFC China Smile to Pay

You might be familiar with the expression that a smile and a dime will get you a cup of coffee, and if you adjust for inflation that expression is now literally true, with the unveiling of “Smile to Pay” technology at KFC China. The system allows customers to confirm their identities at automated self-service kiosks by looking into the camera and smiling.

The “Smile to Pay” system is now in place at K Pro, a new restaurant from KFC China that seems to be a more health-conscious alternative to the usual fried chicken and biscuits offered by the chain. Users order at the kiosk, then smile to confirm that they are in fact themselves, and not a particularly unambitious identity thief who steals the victim’s credit card info then immediately hits up a KFC.

Anyway, you can see how KFC “Smile to Pay” works in the video below. Then you won’t be caught completely off guard if the technology ever gets adopted by your local Colonel.

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