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Smell Like Sushi With ‘Sushi Cologne’

by Joseph

Sushi Cologne

If you’ve ever been chowing down on sushi and thought to yourself  that it would be cool if there were a socially acceptable way for you to rub a tuna roll all over your neck, cologne-makers Demeter have a product for you. It’s called Sushi Cologne, and it’s just one of a bizarre line of fragrances from Demeter, who have also made fragrances like “Laundromat” and “Crayon.”

But with Sushi Cologne, at least, it’s not as bad as it might sound at first .  Rather than smelling like fish, the fragrance is said to smell of cooked sticky rice, laced with hints of ginger and lemon essences.  So yeah, it definitely could have been worse.

If you’re interested in getting yourself some Sushi Cologne ($20 for 1 oz. spray, or $39.50 for 4 oz.), or if you’d like to check out some of their other fragrances, click here.

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