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Smartflower POP All-in-One Solar Power System

by Joseph
Smatflower POP

Smartflower POP

If all goes according to plan, the future will continue to get more and more solar-powered. But there’s only so much a typical homeowner can do to get on board – covering your roof in solar panels might be prohibitively expensive, with no guarantee they’d pay for themselves in short order. But Smartflower POP is an alternative that’s a little easier to wrap your head around – a smart, all-in-one solar power system that you can plug in and then forget about.

In addition to being a lot simpler to use and move than a traditional roof solar power set-up, the Smartflower POP is also said to draw as much as 40% more energy from the sun. The reason for that is the smart technology that powers the system, allowing it to track with the path of the sun throughout the day for optimum efficiency.

If you’re at all interested in powering your home with the Smartflower POP solar power system, you’re probably interested in how much it actually costs. Unfortunately, that information is still to be announced, but you can get more details on the system over at its official site right here.

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