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Smart Mirror Developed by Google Employee Max Braun

by Joseph
Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror

I am not a Google employee, and one of the many reasons why is that my only aspiration for my bathroom mirror is that it get dirty enough for me to clean it every couple months or so. But Google software engineer Max Braun had greater hopes and bigger dreams for his bathroom mirror, which is why he developed a smart mirror all on his own.

Most technology analysts agree that in the not-too-distant future smart mirrors will be fairly commonplace, but Braun got sick of waiting for the tech world to catch up to his imagined morning routine. So he whipped up a mirror that’s Android-powered and includes an RSS feed and weather forecast, with other features like traffic updates and daily reminders coming soon.

It’s a pretty cool project, and you can see more about it at Max Braun’s Medium blog post about his smart mirror right here.

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