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SMART kapp: A Smart Dry-Erase Board (Video)

by Joseph
SMART kapp

SMART kapp

Some have predicted that the era of the dry-erase board has come and gone, but those prognosticators forgot to consider the existence of the SMART kapp. It’s a smart dry-erase board that can capture anything drawn on it and send it to your mobile device via Bluetooth, where it can then be shared with whoever you want to keep in touch (it could also be good for a worldwide game of Hangman).

The coolest thing about SMART kapp is that even though it’s outfitted with all these new smartphone-era features, it only requires regular old dry-erase markers to work – so if you were worried about having to replace your massive collection of dry-erase markers in order to keep up with the march of technology, worry no more.

For more information on SMART kapp and what it can do, head over to the product’s official website here, where you can also find out how to buy one for yourself. And you can watch a video about SMART kapp below.



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