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Smart Buckle Turns Any Watch to a Fitness Tracker

by Joseph
Smart Buckle

Smart Buckle

Maybe you want to exercise more, but you’re not in the market for a new watch or an expensive standalone fitness tracker. Maybe you’re sentimentally attached to the watch you’ve had and worn every day for 15 years. Maybe it’s time for a Smart Buckle, which can purportedly “convert any watch into a fitness tracker.”

The Smart Buckle is an extremely small fitness tracker packed into a buckle that can be attached to any band, thus making that watch a fitness tracker. It syncs up with an iOS or Android smartphone app to deliver data on not just your exercise activity but your sleeping habits as well, and its stainless steel finish makes it a suitable match for pretty much any watch.

The Smart Buckle starts at just $39 at the product’s Kickstarter here, so it’s a lot cheaper than some of the alternatives, too. The campaign ends in about two weeks, with shipments guaranteed to begin within 45 days after that.

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