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Smart Bedding: Never Make the Bed Again (Video)

by Joseph
Smart Bedding

Smart Bedding

According to the people behind Smart Bedding, “it’s time to rethink your bedding.” That’s because the old traditions of getting tangled up in your sheets as you sleep and then having to sort out the jumble when you make the bed are no longer necessary, thanks to the Smart Bedding system.

Smart Bedding essentially works by connecting the duvet and the top sheet, which serves the dual purpose of eliminating bunching and the need for tucking the top sheet underneath the bed, since all you have to do is smooth out the duvet and the bed is made. Smart Bedding is also made from 100% cotton with a 300 thread count, so comfort isn’t sacrificed for convenience.

You can see how Smart Bedding works in the introductory video straight from the source below. And if you’re still interested, you can check out the Smart Bedding website here, where pre-orders for August shipping are going on now and starting at $125.


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