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Slow: The “Anti-Energy” Drink Concept

by Joseph


Aleksandra Wiśniewska was sick of the onslaught of energy drinks on the market, promising ever more nervy waking hours – couldn’t there be room in the world for a drink that calms you down rather than revs you up (and no, I’m not talking about alcohol). Enter Slow, a “calming milkshake” created from natural ingredients to encourage meditation and contemplation rather than to give you wings.

Unfortunately, Slow is just a concept crafted by Wiśniewska and Polish firm Opus B, but it’s a triumph from a visual design standpoint alone, thanks to its unique hourglass shape which joins two bottles together into one. According to the drink’s creator, this novel design is meant to create “a pretext to stop, think and catch a moment for yourself.”

You can take a moment for yourself by reading more about the Slow concept right here. But then you need to get back to work, it’s getting about time for that 3 PM energy jolt, right?

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