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Slow Cabins: A Secluded Cabin in a Secret Location

by Joseph
Slow Cabins

Slow Cabins

All of us think about moving to a cabin in the woods. But few of us have the commitment or the wherewithal to actually do it. Slow Cabins offers a weekend alternative, and the rental is structured so you won’t even know where you’re going until you’re practically on your way there.

Slow Cabins are minimal, secluded cabins in secret wilderness locations (“near your house,” if you happen to live in Belgium) but the precise location is only revealed after your trip is finalized. There are cabins for families, for couples, and for solo entrepreneurs or anyone who just needs a little alone time, and prices start at $285 per night and a minimum 2-night stay.

Right now, Slow Cabins is just available in Belgium, but it’s an intriguing idea and maybe something like it will take off elsewhere. Get more information on the business — in English, unlike its official site — right here.

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