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Sliding Match Safe From Best Made

by Joseph
Sliding Match Safe

Sliding Match Safe

Hey, where do you keep your matches?? I didn’t mean to startle you, but I’m suddenly struck by a sense of the massive significance of that question, probably because I just became aware of the new Sliding Match Safe from Best Made.

The Best Made brand has been established in the field of novel yet useful storage products, and the Sliding Match Safe is worthy of the name. Handsomely crafted from 22-gague steel and outfitted with a knob of solid brass that can also serve as a match striker, this safe is pretty much the best possible way to store your supply of matches, for purposes of fireplace lighting or anything else you do with matches in 2015.

The Sliding Match Safe costs $24 at the Best Made online store right here, where you can check it and a host of other Best Made joints out. Your only problem now is attempting to contain your excitement when a visitor asks you for a match.

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