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Sleevebucks: Artist Turns Cardboard Starbucks Sleeves Into Art (Photos)

by Joseph

People have debated for centuries what separates artists from regular people. I don’t have an answer, but it might have something to do with the impulse to do something other than throw away those cardboard beverage sleeves from Starbucks – and turn them into art instead. That’s the premise of Sleevebucks, a new art form from an anonymous artist that involves drawing over the iconic Starbucks logo to create new images.

Those images tend to involve recent pop culture, which suggests that the person behind Sleevebucks probably isn’t that old. And that picture becomes even clearer when you see that those pop culture images include Ash from Pokemon, Batman, the Black Widow from The Avengers, and more.

You can see a few of the best Sleevebucks in the gallery below. And for more, you can check out the official Sleevebucks Instagram account right here. Or, you could, you know, just start making your own – they don’t actually seem that difficult.

Here’s the gallery:


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